Wednesday Journal’s Viewpoints section has been a bit … unpleasant lately. Between feeling my brain melt every time I open to another 10 letters about the OPRF High School pool (truly, is there anything new that can be said about it at this point?) and being accused of being a shill for the real estate industry just for having an opposing opinion about apartments, I could use some positive perspectives in the back pages of this local paper.

To that end, here are some good things in our community I think are worth celebrating right now:

The Hephzibah Kids Resale Event:

This month Hephzibah raised $30,000 and kept thousands of pieces of clothing and toys out of landfills in an incredible feat of community and environmental impact that happens twice a year. This event is a success because an absolute army of women organize, plan, donate, coordinate, volunteer and shop to keep the children in our community sustainably and affordably clothed and entertained. The circular economy is alive and well in the Western ’burbs, and it is powered by women.

Harriet Hausman:

I only know Harriet through her columns in Wednesday Journal, but she is obviously a national treasure. River Forest, please celebrate this amazing woman with a Betty White-sized 100th birthday party next year!

The Oak Park Public Library:

Please direct all of my tax dollars to the library, thank you very much. It’s not just a slogan. This truly is a library for everyone. The art currently on display in the Gallery, from local artist Hasani Cannon, is just stunning — see it while you can, through May 20.

Kids on bikes:

Friday, May 5 is Bike and Roll to School Day in Oak Park. Be on the lookout Friday morning for kids all over the village biking to school together, celebrating the joy of active commuting while building a sense of community, safety and school spirit.

Redbud Trees:

My god, the redbuds are beautiful this year! Get out and enjoy their purple blooms while you can!

Nicole Chavas
Oak Park

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