The driver of an armored truck was reportedly robbed at gunpoint Monday morning in Oak Park.

While limited details are available at this time, Village Trustee Ravi Parakkat posted to Facebook that two masked men had robbed the driver of an armored truck at approximately 8:45 a.m., Dec. 12, while the driver was making a delivery to ATMs at Chase Bank, 933 Madison St.

The driver was reportedly struck in the head with a firearm before the offenders fled in a black Audi SUV, which was soon abandoned at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Adams Street, according to Parakkat’s post. Witnesses reportedly then saw the two men get into a white Jeep Wagoneer.

“I hope the perpetrators are apprehended soon,” Parakkat wrote.

Wednesday Journal has reached out to the FBI and the Village of Oak Park for further detail. Oak Park spokesperson Dan Yopchick previously confirmed that an incident involving an armored vehicle had occurred shortly before 9 a.m. at that particular Chase Bank location.

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