The murder of 41-year-old Terrence Roebuck is believed to have been targeted and not a random act of violence, according to Oak Park Interim Police Chief Shatonya Johnson.

“That murder was targeted,” Johnson told Wednesday Journal. “Mr. Roebuck more than likely knew the individuals.”

Roebuck was found unresponsive July 23 in the 100 block of Lake Street. He died of multiple gunshot wounds, making his death Oak Park’s second gun-related homicide this summer.

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Johnson said Oak Park detectives are combing through a great deal of evidence, but the process will take time – more time than it took the department to identify the two perpetrators responsible for the death of 18-year-old Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe earlier this summer.

“The time that that took was definitely impressive,” said Johnson. “But that is definitely not the norm.”

Each murder case is unique, making it difficult to estimate how long it takes to solve such cases. The rate at which a case can be solved depends on the amount of evidence and the number of leads, according to Johnson.

“When we started on Logan-Bledsoe, we had no idea that we would have resolved it in three weeks,” she said.

The interim police chief would not share if the police department has identified any potential suspects in Roebuck’s murder, stating only that the police force is “working diligently” on the investigation.

“If I can ask anything of the community, it’s patience to allow our investigators to follow every lead and to wait on physical evidence to come back because that takes time.”

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