Illinois House Districts (Google maps)

I want to thank Wednesday Journal for publishing my letter two weeks ago regarding the redistricting of legislative maps bill that was passed by both the Illinois House and Senate and subsequently signed by Gov. Pritzker [Rethinking redistricting, Viewpoints, June 2]. Perhaps the letter shined a little light on the much bigger subject.

I hope that WJ will consider some follow-up article on the redistricting issue itself now that Senate President Don Harmon is among the defendants in the lawsuit by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educations Fund (MALDEF), which raises the issue of equity for Latinos who are being “malapportioned” within the new maps. The lawsuit was the subject of an article in the Tribune recently.

It might be interesting for the voters of Oak Park to read in WJ Sen. Harmon’s response to the particulars of the lawsuit and the charge of possible infringement on civil rights as alleged by the MALDEF.

Chris Donovan, Oak Park

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