Recently, Ms. Laurie Gillard wrote a Viewpoints letter concerning deer “culling” (a milder word than “killing”). [What you should know about deer management, May 5]  She saw the practice as normalizing gun violence. I agree with her, but unfortunately, there seems to be no solution relative to the over-population of deer roaming outside of the Forest Preserves. 

During this past year’s dreadful and isolating pandemic, one of the few experiences I enjoyed was viewing the beautiful, graceful deer wander through Thatcher Woods.  Observing their family activities was a treat. The mother deer were never distant from their young, in contrast to the one majestic large buck who stood watching over the group, from a distance. 

The young lively deer would often linger close to our car as long as we were still and quiet. They seemed to expect we humans would feed them, which we did not. These deer (or their “relatives”) had already consumed the hosta plants growing in the garden at my house. Furthermore, I did not appreciate the “thank you” notes they left behind! This nuisance, however, did not influence me to favor the “culling” of these handsome creatures of nature. 

I lack knowledge of how best to care for these vegetarian deer and the overpopulation problem, but would it be possible to inject a few females with birth control substances as an alternative to slaughter/culling?

Harriet Hausman, River Forest

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