Most of Donald Trump’s biographers have concluded he has a narcissistic personality, and he holds white supremacy views. As such, it is understandable that he could take the extreme measure of inciting his followers to attempt a coup on Jan. 6. He desired overthrowing our democracy and its constitutional laws in order to keep the presidency and become dictator of the United States. 

Using his grand lie that he won the 2020 presidential election, he forcefully urged his followers to “stop the steal,” and “to fight” without concern for possible damage, injuries, and death that might result from this “terrorist attack.” Christopher Wray, who Trump had personally nominated to the position of FBI director, described the event as a “terrorist attack,” not simply an insurrection.

Trump’s biographers also agree that the substantial support for Trump’s planned coup was a result of 2 major factors:

1) Approximately 66% of those who participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection claimed to be white supremacists, and 

2) Trump’s Pied Piperesque showman personality influenced folks to believe his lie claiming victory in the presidential race. The pattern of Trump’s rise to power truly frightens me as he follows Hitler’s rise to power — establish a grand lie and use scapegoats, both of which Trump did. The racist, white supremacy views were the basis for designating scapegoats here in the United States. Non-whites and immigrants were ideal targets for Trump’s hateful fear-mongering, “inspiring” his followers to commit acts of domestic terrorism.

You must have heard comments as I have: “Black Lives Matter is trying to abolish the police and our laws.”

Hearing these and other hateful statements made me think about what our nation would be without people of color. The contributions and accomplishments of non-white people are impossible to fully list. The richness and vast benefits are part and parcel of our culture and daily lives in every realm, including but not limited to, history, politics, science, medicine, inventions, literature, music, sports, entertainment, and so much more, even our food and diet. The diversity of our nation’s population is what makes America unique: our democracy and the vision of equality and justice for all. This is why we must oppose white supremacy and any other view that seeks to diminish and demean any individual or group in our nation.

It is apparent that many, even those in leadership roles, are white supremacists or are sympathetic to their views. I believe Trump would have been convicted at his second impeachment trial were it not for those Republican senators who are racist sympathizers, and for those who are afraid of revenge from Trump and his base.

In his comments before the Senate, Senator Chuck Grassley tried to compare the pro-tests of the Black Lives Matters movement to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Of course, there is no comparison — the Black Lives Matters movement encourages peaceful protests, and certainly never suggested an invasion of the Capitol, in contrast to the vicious raid intentionally planned as a coup.

Unfortunately, the laws we’ve had against this unlawful racist-driven behavior were ignored or removed during the Trump administration. It seems that only through the passage of time, a new administration focused on changing or strengthening existing laws, and education to shift mindsets, can we diminish racism and white supremacy.

My hope is that Trump and his followers, legislators and others, are indicted for their unconstitutional, racist, and treasonous behavior and brought before judges who zealously cling to their pledge to uphold the tenet of equal justice under the law. The challenge to this could come from the numerous judges who Trump appointed during his administration. But I am forever hopeful that we can save our democracy and be an inclusive nation that embraces and respects diversity and extends fair and equal justice to All.

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