As a photographer, I love capturing genuine moments of love and connection within families. Sometimes photographs can document these powerful feelings and sometimes they are visible in the relationships you build with people in your community. I’ve had the chance to photograph Kebreab Henry with his beautiful family and to get to know him as a friend. His compassion, kindness and love always come through.

I met Kebreab five years ago in our church community and our families became friends. Last year in my family’s moment of need, when my business collapsed because of the pandemic shutdown, he took me to the grocery store and filled up the cart. This is one example of how he has dedicated himself to serving his friends, neighbors, and community.

Now Kebreab is volunteering to serve on the D200 Board of Education. He currently serves on the D200 Culture, Climate and Behavior Committee and the Community Council, a D200 board advisory committee. He is motivated by his daughter’s experience as a student and graduate of OPRF High School, and by his two sons who will be Huskies someday. But because of who he is, he is also motivated to serve my children and yours. He will be working to make sure OPRF is a place where all can succeed.

I will be so proud when I vote for him on April 6. Proud and grateful for his continued willingness to serve our community for the betterment of all our children.

Jamilla Yipp, Oak Park parent

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