Past behavior is the best predictor for future behavior, and Vicki Scaman is the only candidate for village president who has demonstrated measurable and meaningful accomplishments in the local government and civic arena.

Vicki understands the village’s budget needs and the various stakeholders’ issues because she is familiar with that work through her role as Village Clerk for the last four years.

I believe Vicki will work to achieve sustainability goals because she has worked with commissions and local groups to understand the baseline data and listen to the experts for best steps to implement now and in the future.

She has successfully managed a local business and nonprofit organization. In each of those jobs, she showed her deep knowledge of the challenges of the local business community and how to overcome them. She brings a collaborative and transparent management style. She possesses a keen self-awareness that allows others to trust her to lead with fairness and compassion.

In 2020, other municipal clerks elected her as president of the North and Northwest Municipal Clerks Association. That, to me, is another indication of the respect she has earned from her colleagues. That tells me Vicki will be the kind of leader that Oak Parkers can respect.

And in her role as village clerk, she attends every meeting, taking the minutes and absorbing the nuances of the countless conversations at the board table. This proximity gives her a window into the dysfunction we all have witnessed over the last several years. I believe she will elevate board discussions to a thoughtful and productive level of civility. This will be the kind of healthy board leadership we want.

At this critical time in our village, we need that track record. We need someone who has the knowledge, demonstrated experience, ability and passionate vision on Day One.

This is why I’m voting for Vicki Scaman. I urge you to cast your vote for her as well.

Julia Knier, Oak Park

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