I have known Vicki Scaman for more than 20 years, and over that time span I have witnessed her growth as a thoughtful and caring human being. She is a generous person, but able to call out what needs to be called out without judgment. 

I am supporting Vicki for Village President because she has a remarkable history of concretely addressing real-world problems, experienced by real people in this community. Whether as a teacher, a community activist, a highly skilled businessperson, or a competent, and dedicated public servant, time and again Vicki has evinced her capacity to get beyond abstractions to achieve results. Her outlook and knowledge of this community continue to inform her critical responses to its needs. Her devotion to the circumstances of all children, especially marginalized children, as evidenced by her work in nonprofit and for-profit establishments, attest to her fiscal and organizational skills. She has for a long time been on the forefront of parlaying her calm and steady strengths into making Oak Park a better place for everyone.

Vicki’s transition into professional public service began when she was recruited to chair the Oak Park Liquor Control Review Board. Her evenhanded leadership in that position enhanced the growth of Oak Park’s business sectors. A perennial advocate for all youth on both sides of Austin, Vicki co-chaired the Law Review Committee of IMPACT. Her work within this agency assisted youth in Oak Park and in Chicago’s West Side communities realize options to running afoul of the judicial system.

As village clerk, she resisted attempts to remove oversight of Freedom of Information processes from her office. Had those attempts been successful, village government would less transparent today. Her breadth of knowledge and experience of village operations, make her better equipped to serve as president of the village of Oak Park. Vicki’s contributions to the life blood of this community are well known and too numerous to detail here. 

Her candidacy reminds me that we are living in a time during which received old ideas are not sustainable enough to resolve new ignored issues and problems.

George Bailey, Oak Park

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