Judging from the rising number of deaths and new COVID-19 infections over the past few weeks, it is obvious that President Trump’s “herd immunity” plan, survival of the fittest, is working. Although he considers himself Superman, Trump is just as susceptible to the horrible effects of the virus as the rest of us are. Now that he has endured a mild case, he believes he is immune to a recurrence. 

Science and the doctors disagree with him. If he does not take precautions, he is subject to re-infection. He will probably not make it public, but Trump will take the necessary precautions for himself and “to hell with the rest of us seniors and vulnerable folks.” Next to Hitler’s regime, Trump’s leadership is the most vicious and selfish “king style” in history, and we’re all his pawns.

As a teenager, I was an American History nerd. Democracy, as described in my books, was an exciting experiment in government. For me, the Constitution was a sacred guide and the Supreme Court was the epitome of fairness and justice. I was naive in my belief that most people, regardless of race, religion, or creed, followed rules. It seemed ideal, safe, and secure. Justice reigned for all. By the time I entered high school, these rosy ideas were shattered, and were even more severely shattered by the Second World War, and now Trump’s U.S.A.

Trump’s deliberate herd immunity plan, successful or not, can be added to his tragic “legacy” of destruction and dishonor to the office of President of the United States. His persistent lying; his encouragement of environmental abuses, allowing big business to pollute our air, land and water; his illegal business deals; his total obedience to Russia; his so-called “law and order” policy, using his own militia to intimidate those legally protesting and marching; his illegal obstruction of our safe elections; his acts of racial discrimination; his public pronouncements against immigrants; his hate for his opponents; and his lack of empathy for war heroes and all those who have fought for our country, not to mention (which he doesn’t) those who have lost homes and lives in the wild fires and floods, and for those who have suffered because of the pandemic — all of this will forever be attributed to his legacy of failed and destructive leadership.

Trump is also invalidating our Constitution and our nation’s foundational rights with his emphasis on division instead of inclusion between rich and poor, whites and people of color, immigrants and citizens, and the political parties. The expression “reaching across the aisle” is an impossibility today because Republicans and Democrats are so divided. Unfortunately, Republicans are further divided between “Trumpers” and the proponents of the once proud conservative party. We, the general public, are watching the horror of our nation being torn apart.

Our judicial system is also being destroyed by his power madness. With the compliance of his Republican Senate Trumper puppets, he is trying to establish himself as dictator for life, packing almost 200 Federalist judges and now another justice to the Supreme Court, his third appointee. One of the significant reasons Trump desires that Judge Barrett be placed on the Supreme Court is his devious plan to invoke the court to decide the election in his favor if Biden wins. The Constitution never intended the Supreme Court to decide election results. Voters are meant to decide the election.

Our once fairly impartial Supreme Court is now in jeopardy. I’ve watched the so-called Supreme Court hearings featuring Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s rushed selection to fill the seat that the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Aside from the fact that this nomination should not have been proposed so close to the national election, Ms. Barrett should be disqualified because she has written and made public statements expressing her bias against the Affordable Care Act and also her position against abortion for any reason. These two issues will be debated soon in the Supreme Court.

When Senator Amy Klobuchar asked Judge Barrett if she’d recuse herself from the court if the issues under discussion were relative to her previously stated positions, she refused to answer.

I question whether she was purposefully insulting the knowledge of her audience, or if her thinking was muddled. In the hearings, Barrett wouldn’t even answer questions rooted in well-established law and unrelated to her position on court issues. The Democratic Senators were extremely frustrated, not receiving answers as to her eligibility. Whatever happened to plain and straightforward truth? This entire “hearing” was shameful, a charade for public viewing, demeaning of our intelligence.

It should be noted that the last time the Supreme Court was invoked to decide an election was during the Bush-Gore fiasco. Florida was the state in question, performing two vote recounts, each having different results. Instead of another recount, it headed to the Supreme Court. Two of our presently-seated Supreme Court justices, Roberts and Kavanaugh, along with Ms. Barrett, were all involved, and were photographed together when George W. Bush was awarded the Presidency. This speaks volumes as to why Trump chose Judge Barrett for the vacant Supreme Court seat and his rush to do so.

If Biden wins by a narrow margin, Trump’s packing the Supreme Court to assure his return to the Presidency could be successful. We can stop this scenario if Biden gets an overwhelming majority of the votes. We’re all anxious to end the pandemic with guidance and advice from scientists and doctors. We also want to tackle our multiple problems without the chaotic, fearful, Trump atmosphere. Let us all get this done, Independents, Democrats, and true Republicans, and vote President Trump out, permanently.

Harriet Hausman is a resident of River Forest.

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