What does the name “Donald J. Trump” represent?

D is for Democracy that has been severely damaged during the Trump administration by his demonic drive to establish a dictatorship and a Trump Dynasty. In this pursuit, the needs of our nation have been sadly neglected. 

O is for the Oath of the Presidential Office and pledging support for our Constitution, which has not been honored by Trump who appointed felonious associates and advisors whom he promised to pardon if they were indicted in pursuit of executing his illegal plans. To date, eight have been indicted. Trump’s response to these arrests has been a shower of obscenities against the prosecutors and judges.

N is for Trump’s Narcissism, which is on full display when he substitutes his “knowledge” for the knowledge of educators and medical, scientific and legal experts. In addition to confusing folks about what is truth and what is fiction, he has eliminated many of the past programs that helped protect our environment and natural resources. Also, he does not believe in climate change.

A is for Trump’s Alienation of our allies and various alliances which he accomplished by abandoning treaties such as the Paris Accord and the Iran Nuclear Peace Treaty. His blustering, negative language has made him and our nation a laughing stock around the world. In contrast to this uncooperative behavior, he has abused his Presidential authority with his devotion and loyalty to Russia. He has allowed and encouraged Russia to interfere with our elections. It is both puzzling and frightening that Trump has honored and believed Russia’s word over that of the U. S. Intelligence community and their investigative reports.

L is for Lying which is his native language. This non-stop behavior is directly out of Hitler’s playbook. “Lie loudly and often and the lie will become truth to the listener.” Additionally, he uses insulting, dishonest language against women. Trump’s tweets of exaggeration and accusation, lack truth and have chipped away at our country’s established laws, resulting in chaos and questioning of what to believe.

D is for Trump’s Disgusting Dirty Deals in his greedy effort to get money for his Dynasty. He pursued illegal actions seemingly without concern because he believed, as sitting President, he could not be indicted or his personal use, so he fraudulently took funds that had been contributed to his charitable foundation, his election campaign, and his failed university. (Some folks sued about these absconded college funds, but the cases were quickly settled and hushed.)

J is for Justice, a word that is meaningless to Trump. Much of our Justice Department has been impacted by Trump’s corruption, causing many directors to leave their posts. Attorney General Barr has been a willing collaborator with Trump, justifying his unconstitutional actions. To help himself in his re-election effort, Trump even tried to blackmail the Ukrainian President, withholding delivery of Congressional authorized military equipment, desperately needed by the Ukraine, in his efforts to get their cooperation. This outrageous maneuvering by Trump led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives. Trump’s zombie Senate, which allowed no testimony or witnesses, permitted him to remain in office. 

Note: Trump’s view of justice and fairness is to appoint almost 200 federal judges to ensure court decisions in his favor.

T is for Terrorizing immigrants. Using a plan of “hate and fear,” Trump called legal, asylum-seeking families “drug dealers, rapists, and criminals.” This hate was spewed mostly toward Black and Brown folks from Mexico, Central America and South America. He used his edict of “zero tolerance” to separate families. Approximately 2,500 children, ages 3 to 16, were orphaned, traumatized, and placed in cage-like enclosures while their non-criminal parents were either deported or incarcerated. As of reports dated July 31, 2020, there are still close to 200 children who have not been reunited with their parents.

Note: T also stands for the Topsy-Turvey Tax amendment which Trump helped push through, providing tax breaks for insurance companies, large corporations, and the wealthiest 1% of our population. He “stuck” the middle class with paying the bill, but first offered them small checks to distract them from realizing the truth.

R is for Racism, rampant in the Trump administration. Trump proudly announced his White Supremacy and White Nationalist views, but denied being a racist. His actions certainly refute this. He used raucous rhetoric against non-whites and ridiculed some religious practices. He bashes truth as “fake news” and has the Fox network cooperating with him. His rallies reinforce and stoke racism as a way to influence his supporters. Unfortunately, these folks are not true Republicans. They are “Trumpers,” the Party of Trump.

U is for Utilizing the role of the presidency for personal desires and gain. He undermined and intimidated opponents and used violence to control others. Out of another page from Hitler’s book, Trump has organized his own personal armed militia to harass protesters and civil rights marchers. His troops have also been used to interfere with problems individual cities have had, only to provoke more violence.

M is for Manipulation. Trump is using any means possible to help him win another election. He had the Postmaster General replaced with one of his largest campaign donors. This Trump-supporting appointee slowed mail delivery, removed mail boxes, and sorting equipment was removed or mutilated, to disrupt the “Vote by Mail” system that Trump opposes. Additionally, Trump has tried to minimize the importance of the Census count. By insisting on some new rules and projecting fear concerning personal information disclosures, he hopes to limit funding for some states and possibly even change their representative count.

P is for the Pandemic that Trump has tried desperately to ignore, calling it a “simple virus” and a “Democratic Hoax.” The relentless path of this virus has perilously infected every area of the United States and the world. Trump’s cavalier attitude about the virus and his defiance and demeaning of sage advice and guidance offered by medical specialists and scientists were tragic mistakes. As a consequence, the risk of infections has increased; illness and death rates have mounted; our economy is in trouble; millions are out of work; and so many families are losing hope. Meanwhile, adding to this “Perfect Storm,” Trump is trying, in court now, to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, insuring almost 30 million Americans, at a time when their insurance is needed more than ever. Why is President Trump so perverse? 

Now that we’ve determined what the name “Donald J. Trump” represents, isn’t it about time we elect a president who will care about America and our diverse population?

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