10START WITH A PLAN, NOT A HEART ATTACK. It took my husband Mike’s heart attack to force us to recognize the need for having an estate plan. Not smart. You are smarter than that. Create an estate plan today.

9. CHOOSE A NAME, DON’T PLAY THE ODDS. Mike and I played the odds, fingers crossed our kids would make it to adulthood without needing a guardian. We got lucky. Don’t leave it up to chance.  Be smart, choose a guardian and write it in a will.

8. DRAFT IT, EQUAL IS NOT ALWAYS FAIR If Mike and I died without an estate plan (in Illinois) the law would have divided our assets equally among our kids. The law does not care that we paid all the college tuition for our oldest child and none yet for our youngest. Be smart draft an estate plan to make things fair.

7. DRAFT IT, INHERITANCE BEGINS AT 18 The law does not care that we have a child that really, really likes fast expensive cars. Without an estate plan, that child would inherit ALL of his share at 18 years old, no questions asked. Yikes, create an estate plan today.

6. ESTATE PLANNING CAN BE SEXY It has been my experience that couples strengthen their relationship when they create an estate plan. Celebrate an anniversary by creating an estate plan.

5. BUILD PERSONAL CONNECTIONKnowing that a person legally agrees to be available for you when you need them most (at your incapacity) is comforting and increases human connection. Fight loneliness, increase connection, create an estate plan.

4. SIGN A FORM, MAKE COLLEGE EASY Our college kids are adults in the eyes of health care privacy law. Create a family estate plan with young adult health care powers of attorney and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy waivers to be informed in a medical emergency.

3ILLINOIS IS BEGGING YOU TO CREATE AN ESTATE PLAN It has never been easier to create an estate plan than today. As of March 26th, Illinois law now allows video witnessing and notary for estate plans. You can wake up in the morning without an estate plan, go to bed with an estate plan and never have changed out of your pajamas!

2. THERE IS 100% CHANCE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY Be good to yourself and your family. Create an estate plan.

1. YOU HAVE SOME TIME ON YOUR HANDS Really, need I say more?

If you are persuaded by this list to create an estate plan contact me today.

Theresa Clancy, Attorney at Law

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