Riveredge Hospital and Wednesday Journal partnered on the 3rd Annual Women in Leadership Conference on October 25, 2017. Co-founded by Carey Carlock, CEO of Riveredge Hospital and Dawn Ferencak, Associate Publisher of Wednesday Journal Publications, the event was held at Riveredge Hospital with a theme of Innovate, Integrate, Motivate! Keynote speakers were Sandy Marsico, founder and CEO of Sandstorm, a digital marketing agency, and Molly Rudberg, owner of Molly Rudberg, LLC, a life coaching firm for high performing business owners and leaders, and co-author of “From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office – A Mindful Approach to Business Success”.
A panel discussion, moderated by Doris Davenport, the host of The Doris Davenport Show “All Local All the Time”,  included Carey Carlock, Dr. Carol Y. Collum, entrepreneur, community educator, author, mentor, and business consultant, Eileen Hattan Lynch, District Director and Chief of Staff to Illinois State Senator Don Harmon, and Joanna Sobran, President and CEO of MXOtech, a technology company serving as an outsourced IT department for small to mid-size businesses. 
Committee members included Jacquinete Baldwin, Kristen Benford, Karen Burmeister, Carey E. Carlock, Megan Dickel, Dawn Ferencak, Eileen Hattan Lynch, Allison Ray, and Tandra Rutledge. For more information about the annual Women in Leadership Conference, contact Megan Dickel at megan@oakpark.com.
Photos courtesy of Sebastián Hidalgo

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