This week’s Style Inspiration is Kerry McCall of Oak Park. Kerry dresses with a lovely, feminine ease, mixing and matching with aplomb.

Here Kerry wears a monochromatic palette (an open weave ecru top with black cuffed shorts and sand-colored, leather platforms), gold accessories, and a leopard printed belt.

Today she dispatches some very sage fashion advice for all women. She reminds us to keep our eyes peeled for fashion inspiration all around us and to step out of our box.

Your style: Classic, feminine, detail-oriented, and spontaneous. I never wear the same outfit twice. I may switch up an outfit with a different blouse, belt, or earrings. This keeps my wardrobe living. It’s fun to mix and match.

Favorite fashion era: The 1920’s had a very classic fashion aesthetic. I also like the 1940’s; these silhouettes are also coming back into fashion.

Fashion inspirations: I read international Vogue, InStyle, and online I’ll peruse ShopBop and Style Watch. I also like to get ideas from shopping.

Favorite local boutiques: Norah’s Shoes, Gem Jewelry Boutique, Muse and I love thrift shops and estate sales.

Greatest fashion indulgences: I believe in staples. Invest in a good handbag, quality shoes, a great pair of jeans, and outerwear. Foundations are also very important. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on trends, but I will invest in classic, timeless pieces.  

Fashion advice: Style is subjective. Feel confident. Fashion reflects your personality, you have to own it. Go with your instinct and be open-minded.  

Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to your environment: look to what’s around you for inspiration. That’s a great starting point.

Talk to sales staff and ask questions, be open to suggestions. They’re not just there to sell you wares; they want you to look good and feel good.

If I see a look I like, I’ll apply my own sense of style; I’ll do it my own way. I like to mix pricier items with inexpensive finds.

I always ask myself ‘Do I see myself wearing this in ten years?’ The pieces I buy are not just temporary.

One item every woman should have in her closet: A cross body that can go from day to night. I like to have one purse in a neutral palette. I love a cognac-hued purse.  

Stop back next week for more Style Inspiration from friends and neighbors. Until then, I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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