As anyone who picked up a shovel, operated a snow blower or drove a plow recently will likely tell you, cleaning up after the massive blizzard that hit the area was no small feat. That is why I want to express my sincere appreciation to two groups in particular: District 97’s buildings and grounds staff, and the Village of Oak Park’s Public Works Department.

In the days following the blizzard, the village worked around the clock to clear nearly 2 feet of snow from the streets; while the individuals charged with maintaining our district’s school buildings put in an extraordinary effort to prepare our facilities for the eventual return of our students and staff. Both of these groups took this monumental challenge head-on, and their impressive level of organization and preparedness reduced the impact of one of the biggest winter storms we have ever experienced.

The tireless efforts of these hard-working men and women helped the community rebound quickly from this significant meteorological event and, most important, contributed to the safety of every citizen.

Al Roberts
Superintendent, District 97

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