West Suburban PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) is acutely aware of the great need for both affordable and supportive housing.

We can attest to the benefits of supportive housing and the dignity that it brings to those living there.

Interfaith Housing Development Corp., Oak Park Residence Corp. and Catholic Charities, the partners that propose to develop 51 units of supportive housing at the former Comcast building, are experts in their field. They have a combined 150 years of affordable housing experience and collectively have developed, rehabbed or managed more than 1,500 units of affordable housing.

The project they propose does not take its blueprint from the housing projects of Cabrini Green, as some fear. Supportive housing has proven to be a successful model of housing that helps people live more stable, productive lives.

So who are these proposed tenants? They will be people who have struggled to pay their rent on minimum wage or a fixed income; this project could help them afford their monthly housing expenses.

They will be young adults who have been forced to live in a “doubled-up” situation; this project could help them obtain housing stability and autonomy.

They will be disabled adults who could benefit from accessible housing that provides on-site supportive services; this project could help them live independent, healthy and fulfilling lives.

They will be individuals who have been on a housing waiting list for years; this project could take them off that housing list.

They will be individuals who work in Oak Park, but can’t afford to live here.

They are individuals not so different from you and me, as we all desire to live safely and in a home that we can afford.

Lynda Schueler
Executive director, West Suburban PADS

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