Some of you may have already been tipped off, but there’s a new shop in town, and everything there is under $99. Oh, and did I mention you can expect some uber cool fashion finds? Croix (131 Marion Street in Oak Park) is a delightful new women’s boutique that has women sighing with relief at the affordable and stylish apparel that has come to town.

We’ll have more on that soon, when I interview the beautiful proprietress, Miya Beathea, in an upcoming Meeting of a Great Mind blog post, but for now, take a peek at this young lady’s blend of classic and edgy.

Miya wears a pair of straight-legged jeans with a fitted black button up made of lightweight cotton (from Croix). This blouse is deceptively simple: a corset back creates the perfect silhoutte and cuffed sleeves add a modern twist to a timeless piece. A pair of black biker boots adds a dash of devil-may-care attitude and a black resin bracelet and knotted rope necklace allows for the perfect touch of femininity.

Find out what kind of fashion advice this fresh faced former Ford model has to offer as well as whom she looks to for fashion inspiration. No spoilers here! 

Your fashion style: I consider myself a fashion-frolic who’s unconventional, fun and simple-eclectic—all with comfort. I’m honestly all over the place depending on my mood. I like to have fun expressing myself with fashion.

Favorite fashion era: I especially adore the vintage look of the 50’s and 60’s! Designers of that time were so detail-oriented with exquisite design lines. Fabrics were often cut on a bias for the perfect sway and fall of the fabric and paired together delightfully with textures and color. Typically understated yet mucho sophisticated. Women were feminine with a bit of sexiness and possessed tons of flair. It was an amazing era in fashion.

Fashion inspiration: I love European designers and the unique flair and textures they often infuse in their designs, which is often inspiring when selecting pieces for my wardrobe. I also grew up in the fashion business as Mum’s been a designer for over 30 years, Takara Gudell [of Takara on 123 Marion Street in Oak Park], and has been extremely influential in my love of fashion and design.

Favorite local shops: Well of course I love Croix, Takara, and Shoe Soko! I also adore Sugarcup!

Greatest fashion indulgence: I really dig a great handbag and sassy stilettos! If you have these two, anything paired with it will look sensational. I also have an obsession with v-neck t-shirts (you will often see me in them), as they always create a simple yet fashion-savvy look.

Fashion advice: Stop by and see me at Croix! I have tons of styling experience having been in the business for 10 years, and I was a former professional model with Ford.


Visit the Shopping Blog next Friday for more fashion inspiration from friends and neighbors. See you around town and in the shops!

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