Victoria Krause of Oak Park and her adorable daughter Claudia.

Meet this week’s style inspiration: Victoria Krause. Victoria had an edgy, yet polished look that caught my eye. It was undeniably rocker-esque, but with a soft touch. She wore a faux leather jacket, with a pair of boot cut jeans and black clogs. Her hair was swept up neatly, and she had on a great silver necklace that added interest.


An Oak Park resident and full time mother of three young girls, she manages to look put together, yet her look comes across as effortless. So how does she do it? She tells us how exactly she keeps her wardrobe looking fresh and shares sage fashion advice with us.


Victoria’s Fashion Style: Refined, edgy, and flirty.


Favorite Fashion Era:  I love fashion from the 1970’s. DVF wrap dresses, wide-legged jeans, platform heels, amazing boots, and Jane Fonda’s shag haircut. I love the glam rock, punk, and disco influences. Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 looked amazing. A runner up: 1940’s Hollywood glamour.


Fashion Inspiration: Not just one person [has shaped my sense of style], although my mother was a huge influence. To relax, I love to page through fashion magazines but also love checking people out on the street.


Favorite Local Boutiques: Muse in Oak Park and M. Santana in Forest Park. For shoes, Afkara in Forest Park and Nora’s Shoe Shop in Oak Park.


Indulgence:  A pair of sky-high heels.


Fashion Advice: Know your body type and what works with it. Find jeans that fit well (not slouchy and too baggy or too short) and a great pair of boots. The easiest way to look put together?  Keep everything in the same color family and mix up the pieces. Buy basics and lots of black, or chocolate, or gray. Buy trendy stuff on the cheap.  


Visit the Shopping Blog next week for more fashion inspiration from local residents. I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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