Vanessa Druckman

River Forest Township Clerk

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates submitted their own biographies

Vanessa Druckman has lived in River Forest since 2010. She has four children who have or are currently attending River Forest public schools. In her prior positions in the Oak Park River Forest area, Vanessa Druckman taught French to Lincoln school students and worked in the research department of Shriner’s Hospital. Vanessa Druckman contributes to the community through her work with Housing Forward. She is an avid cook and loves making huge batches of beef stew to serve to the homeless guests. 


How do you intend to increase access to public records and information for the public and what does transparency mean to you? 

As River Forest Township Clerk, I plan to take detailed minutes during all public meetings and promptly post approved minutes to the River Forest Township website. 

Do you believe all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and responses should be made publicly available on the township website and why? 

I believe that the Freedom of Information Act should be followed to the letter and pledge to adhere to all its mandates promptly. 

What do you want to accomplish as clerk and why are you motivated to pursue this office? 

I am excited to join the River Forest Township team and contribute to all the good that it does in the River Forest community and beyond. 

Reflecting on your previous tenure as clerk, of what accomplishments are you most proud of and how can you expand upon those accomplishment? 

I am new to the role of Township Clerk and look forward to making a difference in our community. 

How do you intend to increase engagement between citizens and the township clerk? 

I plan to be available with regular business hours in the Township office and daily via email and phone to the citizens of River Forest. 

Why is transparency in government important and what does transparency mean to you?

Transparency means not only complying with the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act but doing so promptly and in as many venues as possible to reach all segments of the River Forest community.

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