Look for the helpers. That’s a line one often hears in times of emergency. It’s a reminder that in times of trouble, there are those who step in to help, in ways large and small. It’s also a reminder that the ones providing the most relief may not be doing it under a spotlight. They’re often working behind the scenes to make the world a better place.

Some organizations in the Season of Giving guide may be familiar, but don’t let familiarity fool you. These are all new organizations — because the challenges they are trying to address in the community are constantly changing, and they have to evolve in kind in order to provide the help that is needed today. They need your support to continue to do this important work.

The Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation is doing things differently, too. We are trying to be more effective and strategic in terms of how we grow and how we provide resources to organizations in the West Cook region. One way is by relaunching Impact Excellence, our capacity building program for local nonprofits. The program offers guidance in mission development, human resources, infrastructure and other areas key to the growth and function of an organization.

The problems we face can be solved if we work together as a community. We need to cultivate relationships with neighbors from different backgrounds and come together to help one another. And we need to look for the helpers — and help them, too. 

Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation

The mission of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation is to unite community members and mobilize resources to advance a racially just society and equitable outcomes for residents of Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding communities. We envision a racially just and equitable society as the full inclusion of all people into a society in which everyone can participate, thrive and prosper. In an equitable society, everyone, regardless of circumstance of birth or upbringing, is treated justly and fairly by its institutions and systems.

Visit oprfcf.org to learn more about our services for donors, scholars, nonprofits, and the community at large.

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