Our planet is warming at an unprecedented rate. This summer, the entire Midwest, including the Chicago area, has encountered numerous days with Air Quality Index values ranging up to 300+ due to uncontrolled forest fires in Canada, exacerbated by climate change. And other regions have fared far worse. 

Over the past 12 years, One Earth Collective (OEC) has reached diverse communities with impactful programs centered around environmental sustainability and justice, including the One Earth Film Festival (OEFF), the Midwest’s premier environmental film festival. 

One Earth also leads youth and hyperlocal community resiliency programs and its unique arts-for-social change festival model has provided much-needed knowledge and inspiration to audiences locally, nationally, and globally to combat the paralysis felt when confronting climate change. 

Through film, facilitated discussion and select opportunities for inclusive action, we are activating audiences and instilling hope for collective action to preserve our one and only planet. 

A 2023 audience member shared, “Our experience with the One Earth Film Festival was exciting and profound. It awakened our conscience about caring for our planet and the importance of connecting with our essence (nature) to build a better world.”  

One Earth Collective

One Earth curates vibrant environmental programming that inspires action, facilitates learning, promotes justice, and fosters equity and inclusion to create resilient communities and a healthier planet. We focus our work in 3 areas – One Earth Film Festival, One Earth Youth Voices, and One Earth Local. One Earth Film Fest’s 13th season will take place March 7-10, 2024. We’re excited to welcome Chicagoland audiences back live, in addition to our virtual screenings. Join us for captivating films, engaging discussion, impactful action opportunities and community-building. Memberships start at $35.

 Learn more and donate at oneearthfilmfest.org/give.

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