Maya* lived under a viaduct and used a donated tent for shelter. At night, she struggled to stay awake to protect her body and belongings. Maya sometimes stayed at an overnight shelter when she could get there before the shelter was full and the doors closed. It was an extremely stressful and traumatic time in her life. 

When an outreach worker approached her about moving from the tent into an apartment, Maya said, “Yes!” She was connected to Deborah’s Place and through its Rapid Rehousing program, her case manager helped Maya identify an apartment and complete all the paperwork for her lease and a subsidy. Now, in her own apartment with a warm bed, stove and bathroom, Maya feels ready to move toward her goals of finding a job and improving her health.

For 38 years, Deborah’s Place has provided homes to thousands of women on the West Side. Last year they served more than 600 women.

“There’s so much peace here. … I have more sense of peace. I am much calmer and in my own space. My mental health is in a stable place; even my spirit is settled. What I mean by settled is, I don’t have to worry about where I will sleep tonight or if I can get back into the shelter. Hey, it’s just peace,” says Maya.

*This resident’s name has been changed to protect her privacy

Deborah’s Place

Deborah’s Place has opened doors of opportunity for women experiencing homelessness in Chicago since 1985. Supportive housing offers women the key to healing and moving on from the experience of homelessness. With more than 200 units of housing and over 600 women served yearly, Deborah’s Place is the largest provider of permanent supportive housing in Chicago exclusively for unaccompanied women. With homelessness at crisis levels across our community, Deborah’s Place is there to address the unique and underserved needs of women experiencing homelessness. Donor support makes it possible for women to maintain their housing and achieve their goals.

To learn more, volunteer, or donate, visit, email or call 773.722.5080

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