Opportunity Knocks believes that individuals who face the challenge of living with intellectual and developmental differences are Warriors.  OK also believes in interdependence. Warriors build communities and communities build Warriors. 

Look no further than Charlie O to see those beliefs in action. One of OK’s Original Warriors, Charlie has been a part of every OK event and program since we opened the doors in 2010. He is a beloved and valued member of the OK family. Charlie lost his mom this year. The loss was devastating. He suffered through the grief and withdrew from his OK connections during that time. With time, and some encouragement from his OK Family, he began a slow return. First to the day program and finally back to his place on the line in the Knockout Kitchen!

He has been a huge part of the rebuild of the Knockout Enterprise team that has reactivated the production line, restored pickle production to pre-COVID numbers, launched a new series of pop-ups and farmed the best season yet on the Knockout Farm! He is part of the amazing group that have been hired & re-hired to total 13 current Warriors at Work. The work continues as OK re-envisions the strategy of the Knockout Kitchen.

At Opportunity Knocks, we envision an inclusive community where all individuals experience access, presence and support. Your support will help us continue to build that community. Please consider a contribution.

Opportunity Knocks 

Opportunity Knocks was founded in 2009 by families and embraced by a community that recognized significant opportunities to develop more substantial and responsive programs, support and partnerships where people with different abilities would be more present with interdependent connections. We strive to be co-creators of programs, enterprise, and partnerships that contribute to developing a community where people with different abilities are able to live, work, learn, grow and pursue a life of their design. As a 95% privately funded organization, we depend on the community’s generosity to advance our mission. Your support is appreciated. 

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