Oak Park Village Manager Kevin Jackson received a lump sum bonus and a raise following an internal performance review of his first year in the position. The bonus and raise were approved by the village board July 31 as a part of the meeting’s consent agenda, meaning it was not discussed by village board members.

The $2,225 bonus is a one-time merit payment, according to the resolution amending Jackson’s contract, while the raise boosts the village manager’s annual base salary from $222,500 to $231,400, a 4% increase. The bonus is 1% of Jackson’s base salary for his performance as village manager this past year.

The internal performance review took place over the course of April 1 through July 1, as contractually obligated, with the bonus and the raise applied retroactively to Jackson’s one-year anniversary as village manager. Jackson joined the Village of Oak Park as village manager in March 2022. The bonus and raise were reflected in Jackson’s most recent paycheck, issued Aug. 4.

The raise and bonus are all pursuant to Jackson’s contract, as well as being standard practice for many city and village government positions. Village of Oak Park’s former village manager and Jackon’s predecessor, Cara Pavlicek, received yearly salary adjustments as well. The most recent of which was applied Jan. 1, 2020. Pavlicek departed from the role and the village in August 2021. She previously received a lump sum, performance-based bonus of $3,750 in 2014, according to Oak Park HR director Kira Tchang.

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