Re: Clarence Page’s “Don’t reach too quickly for your firearms,” Chicago Tribune, p. 16, April 23:

The shocking unprovoked attack by Andrew Lester, who shot the young black student who knocked on the wrong door in Kansas City, was explained by his grandchildren as unsurprising. Lester was one of millions of Americans duped by Fox News into paranoid delusions and who thus live in constant, baseless fear.

The Dominion lawsuit has revealed in glaring clarity that Fox is not news at all, but merely a vessel of lies and fabrications intended to inflame their viewers. Despite feeling some satisfaction that this anti-American media cesspool has been exposed for what it is, and isn’t, we cannot feel vindicated. Everyone who subscribes to cable TV is forced to pay $2 per month for the privilege of being lied to by Fox.

Rather than being hurt by the $787.5 million fine, Fox is simply passing their fine onto cable viewers, who will now have to pay $3 per month. This obscene 50% fee increase will eventually increase the profits of this network. Every cable subscriber should demand that Fox be removed from the channel lineup.

Tom DeCoursey
Oak Park

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