We would like to express our deep appreciation for Trustee Susan Buchanan’s consistent leadership, concern, and thoughtfulness in her first term, especially on policies related to the care and sustainability of our Earth. Without her persistent and clear vision, the village of Oak Park would not be at the cusp of implementing Climate Ready Oak Park (CROP), a comprehensive climate action plan that puts us on the path to “Net Zero” by 2050.

With broad community engagement, CROP created a roadmap to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, establish renewable energy building sources, and ensure low emission transportation, but also help prepare our neighborhoods for the challenges and effects of a rapidly changing climate.

Since Susan was elected four years ago, she has followed through on her promise to advocate on behalf of our environment and to ensure the sustainability and resilience of Oak Park. Working closely and collaboratively with her colleagues, she initiated the policy framework for CROP.

As with every strategic plan, effective implementation can be slow as well as challenging. Understanding how daunting it will be to reach our Net Zero goal, she does not hesitate to serve as the exceptional voice on the Village Board.

Climate change affects virtually every aspect of living, working, commuting, and thriving in Oak Park and will likely be an undercurrent in almost every policy consideration. It is reassuring and hopeful to know that Trustee Buchanan will be central to those discussions.

We the undersigned are so pleased to support her with our vote for four more years.

Mona Blaber, Laura Derks, Cindy Klein-Banai, Amy Rosenthal, Wendy Greenhouse, Laurie Casey, & Pamela Tate
Oak Park

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