Imagine a Supreme Court wherein the justices make their own rules for decisions with rare limitations and minimal use of Constitutional guidelines. Is this fair?

I have grave concerns that our some of our SCOTUS justices look at opposing questions and make rulings with a seemingly partisan bias.

Precedence in the law has little value to some of these current justices. Just look at what is being debated in our Supreme Court this very day. Our Supreme Court justices are now discussing allowing state legislators the power to decide election results regardless of the outcome of the actual vote in their respective states.

This outrageous proposal is impossible to fathom, and it is frightening that this court might rule, moving forward, that legislators have this right.

By Constitutional law, only Congress can initiate an investigation of the Supreme Court — and only with sufficient evidence of concerns to do so. Legal finding that this court is biased would be a difficult process because intent must be proven.

Yet the Hon. Clarence Thomas is an example of one justice who has displayed a partisan bias via his voting record, public comments, and written judgments. His behavior is inappropriate and he should be admonished. His wife was involved with the Trump administration and continues to be an ardent 2020 election denier, actively and vociferously supporting the Big Lie.

As an American citizen, Mrs. Thomas has the right to her own opinions and choices, but I believe she should not be on the frontlines of partisan politics while her husband serves as a supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court justice. Longstanding tradition holds that justices must not demonstrate even the appearance of bias or partiality.

With ex-President Trump’s appointment of three justices to the Supreme Court and the appointment of three previously appointed justices by Republican presidents, there is an appearance of partisan bias. This needs to be closely examined.

It is extremely important that we contact our representatives in Congress and voice our concerns. Perpetuating a strong democracy, rooted in the Constitution, requires our justices to make judgments that are wise and fair, and not influenced by personal political biases.

Please join me in this effort.

Harriet Hausman is a longtime River Forest resident and a regular columnist for Growing Community Media.

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