At one of its upcoming meetings, the Oak Park Village Board of Trustees will be considering whether to place a referendum on the April ballot that asks if elections for Oak Park trustees should use ranked-choice voting. I urge everyone to contact the trustees now to ask that this referendum be placed on the ballot so voters have input into this important, impactful decision for election improvement.

Why ranked-choice voting? To win, a candidate will have to win the majority of votes — that’s not true now. You’ll rank your choices. If your first-choice candidate doesn’t win, your second or third choices might. You will vote for who you want, not waste your vote to “strategically” defeat a candidate you don’t want. Diverse voter groups will have a better chance for representation. Candidates will have to compete to earn the second- and third-choice votes from their opponents’ supporters, resulting in less negative campaigning.

There are solid, convincing reasons why Oak Park should use ranked-choice voting to elect its trustees. If ranked-choice voting is put on the ballot in April, voters will be heard on this issue.

Call or write the Oak Park Village Board of Trustees, requesting that they add this referendum to the April ballot.

Barbara Paterick
Oak Park

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