Now that midterm elections are almost complete, I hope we can look forward to a calmer couple years of good government and less chaos. That said, I am concerned for the 2024 election. Biden has done well for us, but too many folks feel his advanced age is such that he should not seek re-election. And, of course, in my opinion, Trump seeking re-election would be an absolute disaster.

Recently, one of my Republican friends told me that even though Trump made a few mistakes, she feels he would be a better president in 2024. To quote her, “After all, he did make some good decisions.” I thoroughly disagree with her! I would never characterize Trump as a good decision-maker, especially because of his desire for an autocratic government in which he would be the uncontested leader for life.

There are many reasons I do not want Trump re-elected, including, but not limited to, the following list, in no particular order:

It is not good decision-making or wise leadership to:

  • promote white supremacy and behave in racist and bigoted ways, such as limiting minority access to voting.
  • separate migrant children from their parents and detain them in prison-like facilities as a means to limit immigration.
  • restrict availability of abortions and health-care initiatives for women and children, and reduce financial aid for the poor.
  • remove environmentally sound regulations that protect our public lands, resources, air, and water.
  • confiscate Native American lands for the benefit of oil companies.
  • distance the United States from our allies and world’s nations; drop out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty and the Paris Accords.
  • abuse the presidential office for personal profit and to increase his personal power.
  • support the NRA rather than sensible safety measures on gun purchase and use.
  • use lies and inflammatory rhetoric against one’s opponents; instigating and encouraging violence.

Most of all, I could never support a leader who attacks our election practices, the very basis of our democracy. On Jan. 6, 2021, Trump encouraged a coup, hoping to disrupt the certification of the 2020 election. In my opinion, this was a treasonous, criminal act.

I fear if Trump is elected again, our nation will plunge into the depths of hate and fear, and the rule of law will be supplanted with fascist and white supremacist beliefs. I opt for a president we can all respect, someone who earnestly represents the will of the American people, the Constitution, and democracy. I believe most of us want a president with wise judgment who can make decisions that are best for the majority of us, now and into the future.

That’s leadership.

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