Visiting Berwyn,

you will find that the township has 4 distinct districts where much of the everyday buzz and bites are centered. There is Cermak Road, often heralded as the Main Street of Berwyn, where you can not only spend the day running errands, but catch a break and have some amazing tacos or desserts as you recharge. Then, formerly known as 12th street there is Roosevelt Road, a hotspot for entertainment — but most importantly, the variety of food available down a single corridor makes planning for dinner with friends or family a breeze. Next there is Ogden Avenue, famously a part of old Route 66, where among all the automotive businesses you can find smokey meats and other great eats. Last but not least is the Depot District. This district is home to vibrant pubs, lounges, and family restaurants that often come together to support the many events hosted in the Depot. Let the smell of amazing foods guide you across Berwyn on your next visit!

Curb a craving on Cermak

There is a restaurant suited to curb just about any craving on Cermak Road in Berwyn. It is easy to show some love to the array of restaurants scattered throughout “The Corridor.” No matter if you are hungry for a savory supper or a sweet treat.


Zacatacos prides itself for serving up their famous charbroiled skirt steak tacos as well as El Pastor tacos with pineapple, onions and cilantro. The famous salsa roja serves up a non-traditional papa taco that flies low under the radar on a menu boasting many traditional Mexican favorites. An indulgent bite, the papa taco is filled with fluffy mashed potatoes before being deep fried to a crisp golden brown. Topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese, the crave-worthy parcel is like eating a comforting hug.

Las Islas

Folks looking for a seafood fix should swing by Las Islas. The restaurant was once part of a larger restaurant group, but the now independent establishment takes pride in their approach to seafood preparation. Guest should enjoy a refreshing michelada alongside tilapia ceviche and serrano chili salsa. The spicy tomato juice-based beer cocktail spiked with lime and rimmed with tamarind paste is Las Islas’ signature drink.

Anthony’s Pizza

People might not realize Anthony’s Pizza serves an Italian beef sandwich that is one of the best things on their timeless menu. This no-frills joint simmers seasoned, thinly sliced roast beef in jus, or gravy, before piling it high on an Italian roll stuffed with sweet green peppers. Though Anthony’s has been slinging pizza slices since 1986, their beef sandwich recipe goes back as far as the sandwich does in Chicago history. Purists will appreciate Anthony’s classic take on this iconic and slightly messy sandwich.

Overseas China Restaurant

Overseas China Restaurant has been churning out classic Chinese dishes for 20 years in Berwyn. The restaurant’s unassuming exterior gives way to a surprisingly modern interior where friendly service is a hallmark of the diminutive establishment. Overseas China offers a wide array of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes — for less than $11 hungry diners can enjoy the generously sized Overseas China Special Platter featuring shrimp, chicken, BBQ pork and an array of vegetables in a garlicy brown sauce.

La Michoacana Classic

You can snag some Dorilocos, Taki con queso, or chicharrón preparado for a creative and crunchy snack at La Michoacana Classic on Cermak, but local dessert lovers head to this bright and cheery shop to satiate their sweet tooth. An assortment of cream and water popsicles in flavors including Fruit Pebbles, chocolate Abuelita, and Tamarind join a wide array of traditional ice cream offerings available by the scoop or as part of sundaes like this beast of a banana split.

Divine dining in the Depot District

The Depot District, with its downtown vibe, boasts a bevy of noteworthy independent restaurants and bars that are all easily accessible by foot, car, bike, or from one of the three Metra stops and many bus routes.

La Malquerida Latin Fusion

Expect complex flavors and attention to detail at La Malquerida Latin Fusion. This Depot District destination creates an inspired array of cultural Latin dishes and uses many cooking techniques. The unique blend of flavors can be evidenced in their artfully plated Sopesitos appetizer boasting a trio of bite sized corn sopes with black beans, chicken tinga, sour cream, and queso fresco. We also crave the homestyle Cochinita Pibil — the Yucatan Style braised pork is wrapped in banana leaves and served with cilantro rice, black beans, pickled onions, and habanero sauce.

Lavergne’s Tavern

Known for serving up some serious burgers, street food inspired tacos and even a mighty fine brunch, Depot District fans know Lavergne’s Tavern serves up decadent Chicago-style eggrolls. People should believe the hype behind the Italian beef eggrolls —the appetizer has a near cult-like following for good reason. Brimming with beef, giardiniera, and cheese, these crispy rolls are sliced on an extreme bias and served with au jus for dipping. Grab a napkin and indulge!

Flapjack Brewery

Flapjack Brewery is known for turning out practically perfect wood-fired pizzas to pair with their small batch beers. Paul and James Macchione grew up in Berwyn and now own Flapjack Brewery where they keep eight beers on tap to pair with their tavern style and Neopolitian pies. Check out the four-cheese arugula topped with smoked scamorza, fresh mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, shaved Parmesan, fresh garlic, wild arugula, olive Oil, and fresh lemon juice

Take a ride on Roosevelt

Roosevelt Road has earned its reputation as an entertainment hub in Berwyn. Drawing visitors and locals a like, this walkable block showcases the true spirit of the community.

Autre Monde

Autre Monde opened more than a decade ago to immediate accolades including a notable three-star rating from the Chicago Tribune. Chef Pancake earned a coveted Jean Banchet nomination for Chef of the Year in 2013 and the restaurant has achieved Green Seal Certifi cation. The restaurant recovered from a significant fire in 2012, hosted a James Beard Foundation dinner in 2015, and has executed myriad pop-up events over the years including an elaborate ode to the foodie film “Big Night.” Expect their rotating menu of Mediterranean inspired dishes to make any meal memorable.

Babygold Barbeque

Music lovers have no trouble making their way to FitzGerald’s nightclub in Berwyn, but now food lovers have a big reason to visit the Berwyn hot spot. Babygold Barbecue has made Berwyn-style barbecue like brisket, turkey and even cauliflower synonymous with the FitzGerald’s experience. Babygold also offers a noteworthy weekend brunch with hearty main dishes like this All-American Breakfast featuring two gorgeous sunnyside up eggs, crispy breakfast potatoes, and smoked brisket.

Memorable meals on the rest of the map:

Just because a restaurant falls outside of a named district in Berwyn doesn’t mean they don’t have memorable menu items to keep you coming back again and again. You’ll discover a world of delicious things to eat on 26th Street, Ogden, Harlem and all the streets in between!

Neveria Naranja Dulce

Visit Neveria Naranja Dulce for an authentic Mexican ice cream shop experience in Berwyn. Co-owner
Angelica Chavez and her family traveled back to Jalisco to perfect their artisan ice cream making techniques. The sweet side of the menu features fruit-forward paletas (popsicles) and classic favorites like hot chocolate ice cream made from Abuelita chocolate. Adventurous sorbet lovers should check out a mangonada. This sweet and sour dessert treat is made from mango sorbet, Tajín, and piquant chamoy. Fresh mango and a tamarind coated straw finish this memorable Berwyn dessert.

Juice Vibe Bar

Feel the good vibes at Juice Vibe Bar Berwyn. Owner Annabelle Martinez grew up in the Berwyn-Cicero area and transformed a former medical office into an inviting space where she introduced her arsenal of dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free juices and smoothie bowls to healthconscious customers. The smoothie bowls served at Juice Vibe Bar are all named after famous Latina artists like Selena and Frida Kahlo. The Jenni bowl, named after musician Jenni Rivera, features a robust combination of almond milk, spirulina, blueberries, banana, coconut, granola, oats, chia seeds and Amaranthus.

Tacos y Salsa

Ms. Laura Guerrero, mother of six and owner of Tacos y Salsa honors her ancestors by preparing her family’s traditional home-style recipes, including an array of soups and stews. All her soups fly out of the restaurant when the weather turns chilly, but we simply adore the Caldo de Cameron. Made fresh every daily, a single bowl of this deceptively complex and highly satisfying soup includes a dozen shrimp. Special spices like bay leaves and oregano help elevate the warming tomato-based soup, while a garnish tray filled with onion, cilantro, avocado and lime allow diners to customize their meal.

Los Corrales

Discover a street food staple at Los Corrales. Any proper Mexican food exploration would be incomplete without a taste of tacos al pastor. Inspired by the spit-roasted shawarma dishes that influenced Mexican cuisine in the early 1900s, “the shepherd’s taco” is a delicious blending of Mexican and Lebanese culinary traditions. Charred bits are the best part of the flavorful marinated orange-hued pork that stars in Los Corrales tacos al pastor.

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