“Abort! Abort!” The 777’s captain immediately yanks back the yoke and pours on power to climb. The plane had been on final approach, 15 seconds from touchdown, when air traffic control saved 300-plus passengers and crew on a flight from Heathrow. After he could catch his breath, the controller explained that his radar showed a drone wandering — or being directed — into a collision course with the airliner. That screamed command saved hundreds of lives.

“Abort! Abort!” A covert operation by Navy Seals to capture or kill a high-level terrorist leader, six months in planning and training, was shut down moments before zero hour. A car filled with women and children came around the corner to the safe house hidden in the mountains, deep in enemy territory. “Collateral damage” was strictly forbidden, so all remained quiet, and disappointed Seals went back to their base to plan for another day. No lives taken that day.

“Abort! Abort!” A man raping his 12-year-old niece refused to heed that voice in his head, begging him to pull out before the moment of no return. The brutal, inhumane, even bestial attack went on, and the child became pregnant. No act could surpass that as a demonstration of despicable male domination. And anti-abortionists would still demand, under law, that the child must give birth to a child.

Abortion is criminal, no matter what, they insist. Long-term trauma, both physical and emotional, may lie ahead for that helpless human being, forever blighted. But that carefree, happy child must become merely a baby factory. They say so, and they have made it so. And the Supreme Court majority has sanctioned it, to their lasting disgrace.

How blindly pitiless they are.

Fred Reklau
Oak Park

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