Fridge finds: (from left) Molly and Meg Svec show off sandwiches from Spilt Milk’s lunch menu. | Melissa Elsmo

Interested in sipping some wine with your pie? Spilt Milk, 811 South Blvd., has got you covered. In addition to serving up wine by the glass in the cheery bakery, co-owners Meg and Molly Svec have launched a grab-and-go lunch program featuring sandwiches, snack trays, quiche and puddings. Friday night dinners are set to start this week as well.

The Svec sisters each had a baby in the past year and credit the lifting of their post-partum fog (and quality daycare) for spurring them on to launch lunch and dinner programs at their beloved bakery.

“The lunch program has been a long time coming,” said Meg Svec. “We’ve been thinking about this in many iterations, but we settled on a grab-and-go fridge. You can take the items home or pack them up to take to Millennium Park or Ravinia.”

Savory Chef: Michael Foreman looks forward to learning more about bakery operations but will be dedicated to savory dishes on the lunch and dinner menu at Spilt Milk.

Chef Michael Foreman is a new presence at Spilt Milk and dedicated to bringing the savory side of Spilt Milk to life. He spent time working as a butcher at Carnivore and spent time working the kitchen at Girl and the Goat before luck and good timing brought him to Spilt Milk.

“Most of our recent hires have approached us about working here,” said Meg Svec. “And we’re proud that people are coming to us because of our reputation. We are trying to run an ethical company with good benefits and fair compensation. We don’t want to churn through staff.”

Foreman stopped by Spilt Milk after a colleague from Carnivore tipped him off that the sisters were looking to hire a savory chef. Though he was looking to float between various restaurants over the summer he was drawn to the collaborative work environment and the freedom to develop a globally influenced menu with support and encouragement from the owners.

“I am looking forward to working with local ingredients,” said Foreman as he stirred some house made giardiniera. “Spilt Milk has always been on my mind, and I look forward to learning more about the bakery side.”

He was also quick to mention they had already purchased a pig head in hopes of crafting artisan head cheese for use in banh mi sandwiches. But the meat chatter shouldn’t scare off vegetarians and even vegans.

The fridge, located at the back of the shop, is filled with a wide variety of fresh staples in eco-conscious packages. Expect to find vegan coconut chia pudding parfaits and a vegetarian mezze plate filled with hummus sprinkled with sumac, tabouleh with marinated feta, olives and pita chips. Spilt Milk’s colorful “Garden Goddess” sandwich, served on oat bread, features roasted beets, cucumber, avocado, and fresh pea shoots, dressed in a homemade green goddess dressing.

While waiting for the arrival of head cheese, carnivores will appreciate the charcuterie plate brimming with artisan meats and cheeses served with seasonal array of house made accoutrement including pickles and mostarda. A ham, butter and gruyere sandwich is also a lunch menu mainstay.

“Look I just started in Instagram account about ham sandwiches,” laughed Meg Svec about @hamaroundtown. “I am serious about ham sandwiches, and this is a good ham sandwich.”

Family style dinners, available via preorder, launch on Friday, Aug. 5. The inaugural meal serves four and includes a whole roasted chicken, fresh squash with herbs from Molly’s garden, and roasted rosemary potatoes.

“I feel like this is perfect for Oak Park,” said Meg Svec.  I think it’s cool we can let Michael do his own thing.”

“I am just so excited about the menu because I feel like I will be able to learn so much from him about the savory side of things,” chimed in Molly Svec, the mastermind behind the sweet side of Spilt Milk.

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