Please stop calling yourselves pro-life. You’re not. You’re anti-abortion. If you were really pro-life, and if you were really making a meaningful effort to follow the teachings of Christ, then you’d try to encourage and support women faced with the difficult choice of whether to terminate a pregnancy.

Studies have shown that when women have meaningful options, they choose abortion less frequently. First and foremost is family planning and access to contraception. But most of you so-called pro-life people are against that.

Second, women choose abortion less frequently when there are safety-net social services available to support them. Family leave, affordable medical care, affordable daycare, Head Start and preschool programs, nutrition assistance programs, and similar services provide pregnant women the type of support which studies have shown help them to choose carrying that child to term. But again, you’re against funding those programs.

Why? Because you claim we can’t afford it. And yet you had no problem spending nearly $1 trillion on the war in Vietnam, $2 trillion on the war in Iraq, and $2.3 trillion on the war in Afghanistan. Aside from the financial cost, what about the human cost? And how was that remotely pro-life?

Let’s not even talk about the death penalty. Most of you supported it — and many still do! Pro-life you say? Baloney!

And finally there’s this: the Bible commands you to tithe. You don’t. Personal income in this country was $19.68 trillion in 2020. Charitable giving was $471.44 billion. That’s less than 2.4%. Had you tithed, there would have been an additional $1.497 trillion available to spend on the aforementioned services you claim we can’t afford. You don’t want government to take on those costs? Then you step up and pay for them! The God you claim to love and worship commands you to do just that!

But you conveniently manage to ignore that mandate, and yet have the nerve to judge and condemn women for having an abortion. Jesus had something to say to people like you: “Let he who is without blame cast the first stone.”

Ultimately, you’ve had nearly 50 years to reduce the number of abortions in this country by taking the steps mentioned above. For the most part, you’ve done nothing. Instead, you stand in front of abortion clinics and scream “murderer” at the women entering. There’s a word for that. Bullying!

Jesus didn’t scream “adulteress” at the woman he met at the well. His approach was to meet people where they were in life, help them address their most urgent need in a loving manner, and — by so doing — persuade them to follow a better path.

Ultimately, you can lead people to Christ by following his example — or push them away from him by your actions. Think about it.

Paul Eichwedel is an Oak Park resident.

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