BerryDunn is “squarely in the middle of data analysis” regarding the consulting firm’s independent assessment of the Oak Park Police Department, according to BerryDunn’s Michele Weinzetl. She was on the agenda of the village board meeting Monday night to give a progress report on the project, which was commissioned by the board to improve equity in Oak Park law enforcement.

Weinzetl told the board that BerryDunn will continue analyzing data and then develop recommendations based on its findings in the next couple of months. She shared that BerryDunn has conducted additional interviews with village staff and various community members. BerryDunn has also conducted a series of open forums and met with the Citizen Police Oversight Committee.

The project’s online portal, which allows the public to submit suggestions and questions at will, has gotten 187 responses from members of the community to date, Weinzetl said. The portal can be accessed through the village of Oak Park website.

An initial report regarding essential calls for services is expected to come out in May. An administrative draft report will likely be released in late June or early July. The administrative draft will basically serve as the first full draft of the project’s final report, according to Weinzetl. Village staff will review the document and then BerryDunn will make appropriate changes to the draft as necessary.

“That process will take about a month to get done,” said Weinzetl.

The document will then be published on the online portal, where the public will be able to review it for a period of two weeks and submit feedback. That feedback will be included as part of the final document, which is expected to be completed by the end of August or early September.

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