Opportunity Knocks (OK) exists to support young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, whom they endearingly dub as Warriors. This past year, they have seen their Warriors “flourish in every way imaginable.” Talib Walton is one such Warrior. 

Pre-COVID, Talib was quiet and reserved at OK. While he made friends easily, he was modest when sharing his thoughts and joining conversations. After the pandemic began, OK switched to a virtual program platform and began to see a new side of Talib emerge. Registering for 3 hours of virtual programming a day, their staff marveled at how vocal Talib became in this new setting. Asking questions and voicing his thoughts became Talib’s new way! 

This positive trend of becoming more vocal and seeking new experiences continued as OK re-introduced in-person programming. Talib began to “schedule his whole day around OK Programs,” according to his father, James Walton. In addition to programs, Talib joined their Walk-to-Run Club despite previously expressing an indifference to exercise. Most recently, Talib has joined the Knockout Enterprise team as a caterer and pickle-maker. Talib’s growth over the past year is just one wonderful example of OK’s mission in action. 

Consider a donation this season so that Opportunity Knocks can continue to meet the needs of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is support from the community that grants Warriors the opportunity to discover and amplify their voices and explore the experience of life without boundaries.

Opportunity Knocks
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