Anthony, a four-year-old with a curious mind and lots of energy, and his mom, Julia, recently moved to our community.  Julia was busy balancing school, work, and motherhood. A neighbor recommended The Day Nursery.

During the enrollment process, Julia shared that Anthony’s previous program reported that he engaged in disruptive and inappropriate behaviors in the classroom. She was concerned about how Anthony might react to a new school. The Day Nursery arranged for staff to connect with the family before Anthony’s first day of school.  

It did not take long for Anthony’s teachers to understand that his disruptive behaviors came from frustration when Anthony felt people did not understand what he was saying.  Using a team approach, Day Nursery staff, Julia, and Anthony developed strategies that helped Anthony self-regulate his emotions in the classroom and at home. The Day Nursery supported Julia through a referral to Anthony’s pediatrician for further speech evaluation.  As a result, Anthony was able to receive speech therapy sessions while in the classroom during his school day.

The Day Nursery provided additional support for Anthony’s mom by connecting Julia with other Day Nursery families who shared similar interests, which offered opportunities for socialization outside of school. A few short months later, they are thriving. Anthony is now successfully communicating his needs and is happy. Julia has built a network of support in her journey as a parent and advocate for her son. That’s The Day Nursery Difference.

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