Connor is 18 years old. He first went to Youth Outreach Services when he was 14 and diagnosed with depression. Upon beginning his therapy, he said “I want to be a happier, more mentally-stable person.”

Connor recently took up a new hobby of skateboarding. He shared that his hobbies help to lighten his mood and give him a “natural high” instead of turning towards alcohol. When Connor feels down or is frustrated, he tries to talk to his stepdad or friends. He likes to vent, to cope with his issues. However, his Youth Outreach Services’ counselor has really helped him to look at a problem from different perspectives. It gives him strength and confidence to tackle tough times head on. “Everyone should have someone who they trust that they can vent to. For me, that is Youth Outreach Services.”

After recently getting his high school diploma, he’s now interested in going into a career in IT. He enjoys making videos on YouTube and wants to use those skills to launch his next chapter. “I really wanted to come to YOS to learn how to be a responsible young adult. You have to be brave and self-driven to achieve your goals.”

With every step he takes, he is ONE STEP closer to achieving his goals. We can all be a part of his support system to help him get there. To learn more about how to help youth like Connor and others, head over to YOS.ORG or email

Youth Outreach Services
(773) 777-7112

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