Cheveris first came to BUILD in 2013, already fighting and skipping school in fifth grade. He started by joining a few activities after school, and over time BUILD mentors connected with him, surrounded him with encouragement and activities from art to sports, and his natural leadership qualities quickly bloomed.  At 16 in high school, Chevy joined BUILD’s “My Brother’s Keeper” leadership program, learning from mentor Jeremy Mercado how to support others, and recruiting more of his own friends to BUILD programs. “I want to be a mentor so I can help others in my community,” said Chevy, “especially younger people.” 

2021 marks Chevy’s eighth year with BUILD. In that time he has found strong role models, and stayed on his own positive path. He started working culinary jobs, and soon secured a job as an assistant kitchen manager in a busy restaurant, all while finishing high school. He graduated from Michele Clark High School this past spring, and with enough savings to buy a car and move into his own apartment.   

Chevy credits BUILD with “putting [him] on a better life path and keeping [him] going, even through some dark times.” He wants to run his own restaurant someday, and so far, he’s shown he can do anything he puts his mind to. As one of his mentors Mark Thornton puts it, “Our passion for our youth growth and success works. Chevy is an excellent example and we are so proud of him.” 

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