An Oak Parker told me it would be best to take money from rich people and give it to everybody else. Would it?

If Robin Hood took one million dollars from each of the 614 American billionaires and distributed the money equally among the 258 million adult Americans, how much money would each person get? Two dollars and thirty-seven cents, according to my calculator app. 

Carter G. Woodson warned: “If no one is to enjoy the fruits of his exceptional labor any more than the individual who is not prepared to render such extraordinary service, not one of a thousand will be sufficiently humanitarian to bestir himself to achieve much of importance, and force applied in this case to stimulate such action has always broken down” (The Mis-Education of the American Negro, 1933).

After the 1989 Tiananmen Square slaughter, Communist China tried capitalism. The result: they recently bragged of lifting 100 million citizens out of poverty. They also created income inequality and 389 billionaires by 2020. Under Mao’s equity redistribution economy, over 30 million people starved to death. This may be why people in China greet or greeted each other by saying, “Ni chi le ma?” meaning, “Have you eaten?”

Robert Sullivan, Oak Park

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