We Oak Parkers are food fortunate. People from around the world come here to open cafes and restaurants. They provide us with tasty, healthy cuisines developed over decades or centuries. This makes it easier for us to eat our vegetables that are easily purchased at our Farmers Market and various grocery stores. We have many healthy, international food choices.

Research continuously shows that the healthiest people eat a plant-based diet from Mediterranean to vegan to the Seventh Day Adventist Bible diet. Health means fewer doctor bills and therefore more wealth. Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, presents a nutrition-based food pyramid with lots of supporting research. The China Study by Colin Campbell shows the results of a huge research project correlating non-communicable disease with diets. It supports a plant-centered, low-animal-protein diet and explains why you have not seen this information.

We live in the opposite of a nutrition desert. Dr. Fuhrman, director of the Nutritional Research Foundation, has written the book Fast Food Genocide. He says eating lots of highly processed, fast food causes disease, obesity, illness, early aging, fast food addiction, fast food malnutrition, chronic inflammation, brain nutrition deficits, and excess calorie malnutrition. Fuhrman states, “Americans have abandoned natural foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits, and other plant foods in favor of a dizzying array of chemically altered, nutrient-deficient Frankenfood substitutes.”

Michelle Obama said it’s critical to increase marketing for foods that are healthy. I agree.

Robert Sullivan

Oak Park

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