Each of us has our own priorities as to what governmental problems should be addressed first. My principle concern is voting rights. 

President Biden and our legislators have a multitude of challenges vying for attention, including but not limited to Afghanistan and troop withdrawal, physical and human infrastructure bills, the police reform bill, gun regulation, domestic terrorism, “white supremacy” and race relations, immigration reform, and of course the pandemic, which is ravaging so many lives. 

The task of government is to address pressing issues, all of which need attention, and to do so at the same time. That said, I believe the assault on voting rights should be the primary focus at this time. Free and fair access to voting for all citizens is the very crux of our democracy. Yet in state after state, Republicans are writing bills severely limiting access to voting by minorities and people of color. Thousands of votes that Republicans assume would be opposition votes are being stricken from the rolls. Limiting and controlling who gets to vote precludes fair elections and can lead to the destruction of the very tenets upon which our democracy rests. 

So I find myself back to the urgent task of battling outrageous unfairness. Yet again, I am e-mailing, writing, and calling our legislators, and the President, pleading with them to address this abuse of our constitutional rights. We must demand that these ever-increasing, horrific challenges to voting rights be their most pressing priority.

Please join me in contacting our leaders. “We, the People,” can save our democracy!

Harriet Hausman, River Forest

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