Rush Limbaugh

Wednesday Journal’s July 21 edition included a full-page spread in Viewpoints by Ron Moline regarding his admiration and enjoyment of the late, uneducated, self-anointed, radio host Rush Limbaugh. I was reminded how much my dad, a fundamentalist Christian, also listened to his program. My mother, on the other hand, was practical-minded as she tried various methods to grow vegetables in the dry, red clay. On one visit home, I approached her garden and was surprised to hear Rush’s familiar voice droning on and on. When I asked for an explanation, she said, “I put the transistor radio in a plastic bag and turn the volume up to scare the deer away!” 

From my viewpoint, that seemed like both a suitable application and audience.

Cynthia Breunlin, Oak Park

Editor’s note: Ron Moline can explain his intentions if he wishes to, but I ran the piece because it acknowledged, and was insightful about, Limbaugh’s effectiveness with his audience. He did not express admiration for his appalling methods. Those of us who find him appalling, would do well to understand why he was so popular. On the other hand, I wholeheartedly agree that the best use of Limbaugh’s bombast is scaring away garden marauders. 

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