Odds and ends with some a bit odder than others.

Princeton bound: My Twitter feed brought news that Carol Kelley, until last week, in name the superintendent of our District 97 elementary schools, was alive, seemingly well and packing up for her move to Princeton, New Jersey. She told me so in her very enthusiastic video. 

“Can’t wait.” “Here’s my 100-day plan.” “Listening.” “Coming back to my home state.” Etc.

 By now she is there and is all in on Princeton. 

That’s good. Every town needs a superintendent who is all in.

It was an odd departure, though. Kelley spent the last 45 days of her Oak Park tenure on an unspecified medical leave. The two interim superintendents are now appointing interim principals. And the Golden Apple teacher at Beye, Patrick McAndrew, is still fired. That’s even though the superintendent of the district has moved 1,000 miles away. The D97 HR director has vacated her office. And the one-year principal of the school who precipitated the furor has returned to a school district in Naperville.

I do wonder what the school board which voted unanimously to save McAndrew’s job a couple months ago makes of all this. Would love to hear.

Thanks Steve: The 40 departures from the newsroom of the Tribune under its deadening new ownership by Alden Global Capital have gotten the headlines the past two weeks. But here in Oak Park and River Forest the true loss was the decision by Steve Schering, lead reporter for Oak Leaves and Forest Leaves, to also take the buyout.

A strong, steady reporter, Schering did a remarkable job covering a gamut of beats in the villages, keeping the Leaves credible in a time of scarce resources. And trust me, we know something about scarce resources.

All the best to Steve, a fellow Sox fan, by the way.

A notable grant for Growing Community Media: While the board of Tribune Publishing chose to sell itself to a notorious hedge fund, here at Wednesday Journal we’re plowing new ground and have become a nonprofit newsroom. 

Last week brought the great news that our Growing Community Media was one of 27 nonprofit newsrooms in America, and one of two in Chicago, to earn a $20,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The funds will be used to support our digital technology over the coming year. 

Thanks to the Knight Foundation, News Revenue Hub and the Institute for Nonprofit News for this key support.

And we’re hiring: A couple of months back we added a full-time education reporter to Wednesday Journal thanks to the support of our 2,000-and-counting donors. Now we have two more jobs to fill. One is a replacement for our digital publishing and technology manager. We’re also adding a position in development and sales coordination. Job descriptions coming this week.

And next week we have two promotions to announce.

I hate sports betting: There is a bit of a Puritan in me and it surfaces most quickly on the subject of state-approved gambling. Now that the Black Sox and all of Major League Baseball is knee deep in sports betting, it makes listening to sports radio or watching the incessant ads during Sox games difficult.

Into the world: Felt great last week to have dinner on the patio at New Rebozo and to give and get a hug from Paco Lopez, my friend of 30 years and the chef and owner. And Monday, our first trip back to the Lake to see the terrific and highly relevant “Summer of Soul.” Small steps.

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