While Religious Education class looked different for the 2020-21 year, God was still at work in amazing ways, most especially on Confirmation day back on Saturday, Feb. 6 at Ascension Parish.

The multiple Confirmation liturgies I have attended throughout my life are always reason for celebration, as a group of people are sealed in the Holy Spirit. Yet there was even more reason to celebrate at those liturgies that day because we, as a community of faith, made Confirmation happen even in the midst of a pandemic. We did our part to help prepare youths for this day. And then we got everything arranged according to protocols and gathered on Feb. 6. It was a blessing to stand before the gathered assembly and announce the names of my Religious Education students.

It was an experience of grace and triumph in a difficult time in our world. Those aspects of life that truly matter most in life shined forth brightly, rising above any difficulties that might dash our hope.

Even as we long for the end of not only this pandemic but all the evils and ills of the world, we rejoice that God is still alive and at work in our world, like through the young people professing their faith and being sealed in the Holy Spirit. That is our hope, the hope in which we are saved, and in which we live now.

It was truly an inspirational day.

Paul Rubio, Oak Park

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