Here’s another gratifying investment along Austin Boulevard. 

St. Catherine-St. Lucy School and Fenwick High School have made a pact of mutual support. Now it might read as if Fenwick, its generous alumni and donors are the ones doing the giving as they pledge big dollars to support a tutoring program that brings Fenwick students to the Catholic elementary school, that provides $100,000 in scholarships for young students to attend Fenwick and which dedicates $200,000 to upgrade the school gym inside Maguire Hall.

That’s all great and good.

What St. Catherine-St. Lucy offers Fenwick is connection to its fine students, 95 percent Black, mostly from neighboring Austin. Fenwick students tutoring the middle schoolers learn plenty. 

Opening a pipeline from Austin to Fenwick – a mile as the crow flies – will help Fenwick reach its needed goal of a more diverse student body.

There are benefits all around here. Good that all involved perceive them.

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