We as a people have worked too hard and too long for freedom from slavery, in the past and now as underpaid, unemployed citizens today. We built this country and created, developed, engineered and invented more than can be imagined. These things caused this country to be so far ahead of other countries, and yet we have others who were/are immigrants treating us like we don’t belong. We deserve the right to vote; our ancestors lost blood and life to get that right. 

It took many, many years to reach our people as a whole to get them to see that, yes, your vote counts. Because it counted so much during this last election, the “privileged” want to take it away again. Jim Crow rises again. We have to stop this. If it takes ending the filibuster, do it. We need to express ourselves to our Congressional representatives and senators the way to did for the president election. Tell them what we mean and what we are no longer willing to give up.

Margaret Parker, Austin

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