This letter is in support of Lucia Robinson for Oak Park Village Trustee. As a Northeast Oak Park resident for nearly a decade, I remember valuing the diversity I saw in the community I was about to move into to raise my daughter. It reminded me of the promise of experiences and conversations that filled my childhood. Kalamazoo, Michigan is diverse, filled with problems, and thoughtful, caring people full of solutions. I see Oak Park as similar in that manner. Getting to know Lucia and her family for the past (nearly) decade allows me to endorse her. She embodies the promise to help guide our village. 

Lucia cares greatly for the community. More importantly, she will instill values such as caring and equity while advocating for initiatives such as fair affordable housing, strengthening community partners such as Housing Forward, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. Good decision-making comes from the ability to listen, communicate and execute effective planning. Lucia exudes these qualities.

It is no wonder Lucia is a successful attorney helping organizations craft compliance policy. Her calm demeanor, listen-first attitude helps her assess and ask questions to understand a situation. We need people of Lucia’s quality and temperament to help us through these potentially divisive times. 

I hope you support and vote for Lucia Robinson for Oak Park Village Trustee. 

Adam Nirenberg, Oak Park

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