We are at a pivotal moment as a village. We are nearing the end of a pandemic that has impacted us all while exacerbating inequities in ways that we’ll be dealing with for the foreseeable future. And we are in the midst of a reckoning on racism that has the potential to transform our institutions and policies in just and humane ways.

Cate Readling is the leader that Oak Park needs for this moment and I’m excited to vote for her. I’m excited because she holds dear our values as a village. She is committed to the always unfinished work of making our village a place that welcomes and values all, by our words and actions.

I’m also excited because Cate is a connector and an enthusiast. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you know she brims with genuine interest in her fellow community members and is driven by an energy to find connections and possibility among people. I am confident that she can bring us closer as a community while still engaging and grappling with our flaws and challenges.

And I’m excited to vote for Cate because she has concrete plans to turn our ideas and values into actions and policies. She has rightly identified housing, sustainability, and budgeting as core issue areas that the village has meaningful control over. And she has identified specific strategies that we can take to meet the needs of all Oak Parkers now and into the future.

We are a village that has long prided itself on its progressive and inclusive values. Realizing these values takes effective and unifying leadership, creative ideas, and hard work. I’m confident that she will bring all of these to the table. I hope that you’ll join me in electing Cate Readling as our next Village President.

Gavin Kearney, Oak Park

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