So many WJ letters of endorsement for the upcoming OP/RF elections. Great! Citizens and organizations exercising their right to appeal for perceived better governance. The results will soon be finalized. The people will have spoken. It’s the democratic way. The right way for a governmental body to respect sanctity of the vote.

Ironically, however, one Viewpoints letter invoked a different dynamic regarding the voice of the people. While I’m quite confident whoever wins the vote for local public office will reflect an honest democratic process, Michael Corso’s letter opposing the apparent Plan Commission’s 6-3 thumbs-up vote to replace the Drechsler funeral site with a massive 158 unit apartment building seems to reflect a not-very-democratic process.

As I recall, that vote included negative opinions of the construction, including lamentations over its proposed appearance, its size and its jarring juxtaposition to its surroundings from some who even voted for it. Really? Then why not vote against it? Follow your instincts. And listen to your constituents! As Mr. Corso points out, a recent board meeting resulted in 90% of local residents’ letters to the commission opposing the construction. Why is the commission unable to respect that clear opposition? Keep in mind the Oak Park Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously in disapproval of the proposed construction, a resounding rejection quickly ignored by the village board’s vote of approval. So the board is about moving ahead, not adhering to the past, architectural designs and the adamant concerns of the building blatantly not fitting into its surrounding area’s current charms be damned.

I sense there’s enough money at stake in this matter to warrant the bulldozing of its approval for the voice of the people be listened to, and then respected by acting accordingly.

What’s that expression about money talking and some rather smelly excretion walking? It’s not bulldoze. Hmm. Bull … something.

Joe Harrington, Oak Park

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