Ravi’s a rockstar — with glasses instead of a guitar but with all the qualities of a standout nonetheless. It’s everyone’s secret desire to see how a candidate will do the job prior to taking office and Ravi has given us that opportunity. Born from a simple math equation, he built TakeOut 25 from the ground up with no government apparatus, no funding, just leadership, charisma, and a mission … and it worked.

Thousands of people bought into his vision and that’s led to over a million dollars supporting our local restaurants, turning an atmosphere of pandemic survival to one of thriving. That’s a real, measurable impact. That’s a glimpse into the future of Oak Park with Ravi as Trustee — a future where Oak Park once again leads through positive action and leadership, through inclusivity and inspiration, and through the tried-and-true process of setting a good example for others to follow — like the various neighboring communities that have adopted TakeOut 25.

Candidates like Ravi are rare and come around only so often. Having a complex and complementary combination of talents, from deep financial knowledge to leadership, compassion, empathy, and charisma, Ravi is a candidate who has something for everyone and would be a great addition to our village board. 

Vote Ravi for Village Trustee on April 6.

Joshua Vanderberg, Oak Park

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